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I'm so excited to find the dentists listed above!  I hope that one of them will be able to help me.  I'm 28 years old and have struggled my entire life with bad parents were not big on parenting and my teeth suffered early on.  Once I was old enough to realize I needed to take care of them it was too late.  My back teeth (top and bottom) are in horrible shape.  They are all just jagged pieces here and there.  I have 2 crowns on my front that have been there for about 15 years.  My other teeth in the front are now cracking off.  I can barely chew anything.  I usually end up eating soup or very soft things.  I even have a hard time tearing bread. 

I have a stable job and an ok salary.  Unfortunately, my job does not offer dental insurance.  I probably couldn't afford it if they did.  With the amount of work I need done, insurance wouldn't even begin to help me.  My credit is not good enough to secure a loan large enough to help. 

If anyone knows of a specific dentist or group that could help with a payment plan I would be forever grateful.  I live in Jefferson City but would be willing to travel anywhere in Missouri for help.  I just want to smile again....or be confident talking to people. 



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